Comfort Food Saturday: Schnitzel Heaven

My wife, the Fusion Mom, has been keeping me on a strict diet the last two years. Since fats, cigars, beer, and stress nearly got the best of me, she and I have been dedicated to eating better. But. No diet really works very well without a hint of comfort now and then. So, once a month we have comfort food day. Today’s entre, the lightest schnitzel’s on God’s green Earth – some French fries (pommes here in Germany), and a traditional Munich dark beer provides this month’s “Ahh!” moment.

Schnitzel's hammered wafer thin.

For those of you in the United States who have never eaten, but have only heard of Schnitzels, the closest dish to these would be perhaps country fried steak, maybe breaded chicken breast like you would find at Chic Filet, or elsewhere in a cafe etc. Actually Austrian in origin (so some say), the Schnitzel can be made of any meat really, chopped into pieces, then breaded and fried mostly. There are many varieties, as you can see via the Wikipedia entry in German (use the Chrome translate option).

Not unlike the referred to country friend steaks in the US, Schnitzels are tenderized with a mallet, then breaded, and dropped into hot oil. However, what makes for the finest examples, even in fine restaurants here, are almost wafer thin offerings, only lightly breaded, and uniform in as many ways as is possible. Other secrets for perfect schnitzels include; changing the oil before each piece is fried, ensuring uniform cooking on both sides, the lightest of breading practices, and ensuring the schnitzel is cooked all in one piece. Enough cannot be said for making the meat ultra thin, as this and the light breading makes for a super light and tasty meat treat.

Today’s Fusion Mom Wonder Schnitzels were the turkey breast variants, but pig, beef, lamb, and especially chicken varieties are equally as good. And you know what? Fusion Mom even allowed this old Southern boy another taste of comfort straight from America today. Not a fan of ketchup when I was a kid, somehow it is comforting to coat even my wife’s gourmet wonder schnitzels with some Heinz. Wow! What a nice departure without going whole hog unhealthy. Get Fusion Mom to share the exact recipe with you.

Schnitzel and beer.

Oh! I almost forgot, that dark beer you see in the image above is one of the official beers of the Munich Octoberfest. Handmade, this variety is a bit unlike any you might experience in the states. I share another picture with you as today’s treat is worth another look (above).

French fries should be fried in a separate pan, or preferably cooked using a low far fryer like the Tefal ActiFry. Today we pan fried the potatoes because I was slow to clean our Tefal (a mechanical cooking marvel, I might add). Anyway, taking a day off from worrying over a bit more fat, splurging (as it were) on a little bit of comfort, this is a good thing for your healthy diet, really. All work and no play…. as they say.

I leave you with an image of the Tegal ActivFry hot air cooking wonder. For healthy fried vegetables, with so little oil, there is no substitute. Do I sound salesman-like? Well, they haven’t paid me, I assure you.

Tefal ActivFry