Restaurant Casa: Mediterranean in Schweich

Inside Restaurant Casa

Not many people expect to find Mediterranean cuisine in a German restaurant, although Restaurant Casa‘s name is self explanatory for philologists. But then again, not everyone is a philologist in Germany, and tourists in Schweich are relatively scarce. Most of them prefer spending time in the Wassersport- & Freizeitzentrum Kreusch – a camping on the Mosel – cooking their own food on portable gills. Others stop by the local kebab fast-food or get a quick bite at Subway.

People are usually biased when it comes to restaurants anchored to hotels, unless they are listed in the Michelin Guide. The guide does mention a restaurant in Schweich, the Schweicher Hof (anchored to the homonymous hotel), but the listing is obviously old – and an odd choice for such a prestigious publication. There are other restaurants in Schweich, which deserve a mention, including Greek, Italian, traditional German, and Casa, which specializes in Mediterranean cuisine.

Lisa and Willy Müller, with the Fusion Mom

Lisa and Willy Müller, with the Fusion Mom

Restaurant Casa is a family favorite for us, and not only because the owners, Lisa and Willy Müller, are Romanian, like myself, but because it’s homely, warm, and always welcoming. The food is always fresh, and the kitchen is so clean that you can eat from the floor. Service is friendly, and courteous and if you go often enough, you will always see the same faces – which says a lot about the place. In short, Casa is a local favorite.

Street sign of Restaurant Casa

The main appeal of the restaurant is that, unlike most restaurants in Germany, it offers warm cuisine daily from 12:00 to 23:00, and it is only closed on Wednesdays. The menu, relatively simple, features a few Italian dishes, some German specialties, and a couple of French selections, all flawlessly cooked and spiced. The wine list is too short to appeal to connoisseurs, and focused only local and Italian wines. There are not many drinks on the menu either – the focus is on simplicity, and quality.

At the bar with Lisa and Willi Müller, Restaurant Casa owners.

Speaking of which, the self made pizzas are as tasty as the ones at the local Italian, except that they are not made in a wood fired oven, the pastas are to die for, but the best dishes you’ll get are the Rumpsteak Gorgonzola (strip steak with Gorgonzola cheese sauce) and the Lamm-Filet “Navara” with a garlic and red-wine sauce.

You’ll find the restaurant at Brückenstrasse 60, 54338 – Schweich. For reservations call +49 65029387732