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Kale and Parsley Pesto
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Romanian Beef Stew with Polenta

Vegetarian, Healthy Oatmeal Frikadeller

Forget veggie burgers: this is the closest taste to a “meat patty” you will ever get, without “cheating.” A favorite in our household, these oatmeal frikadeller taste as good as chicken meatballs, but without any meat whatsoever. 1 cup oatmeal 1 large egg 1 handfull fresh mixed herbs (oregano, mint, parsley leaf, lovace, chives) – […]

Fusion Mom Book: Garden Super Hero Tales

A child explores a magical world, where veggies talk, and tell unbelievable stories. “Garden Super Hero Tales” reveals where veggies came from, what adventures they had along the way, and how they can transform any child into a super hero. “Garden Super Hero Tales” inspires children to eat healthier, and to enjoy vegetables, by telling […]

Replace Ordinary Schnitzels with These Healthy Broccoli Snacks

If you want to see you kiddies eating their greens, this is one of the best ways to convert a picky eater into a broccoli, cauliflower and romanesco fan. One of the easiest recipes you will find, tested and para-tested on my own boys, these healthy snacks are also great finger food at parties. Just […]

Roasted Baby Carrots’n Bak Bak

The bak bak is fried, or baked chicken. The roasted baby carrots are special, because they are not just a side dish, but a feel-good yummilicious treat for young and old! First, preheat your oven at 200°C. To make roasted baby carrots like these, you have two options. The ideal option: get market fresh baby […]

Halloween Meals: Pumpkin Stuffed with Broccoli Mash

It’s Halloween: what are you having for dinner today? Here’s an idea, that will make your kids happy, and even make them enjoy their greens. To begin, choose a couple of small pie pumpkins, cut them in half, then scoop out the seeds with a metal spoon. Place them, face side down, on a large […]

Chickpeas and Spinach Soup

This is a very easy recipe, equally irresistible for children, as it will be for your husband. It’s perfect for a cold October day, and very economical. It will only cost you about 4 EURO to serve 6 people. I used Baktat Kichererbsen, ORO di Parma Tomaten, and fresh spinach. In the winter, you can […]