Inspiration for Moms: Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

Jamie Oliver has always been an inspiration, for many reasons, among them, his passion for good, healthy, homemade food. Some of his projects are aimed at kids – the man is genuinely interested to see them eating better. And while in the USA Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was met with resistance, his quest to improve the quality of food fed to kids in schools was more or less successful in the UK. And honestly, only a very ignorant and lazy person can say that “Food is cheaper and better at the local takeaways.”

In 2007, Louise Holland, Jamie Oliver’s right hand woman, came up with a new idea, for a food education programme for British school children to teach the joys of growing and cooking their own fruit and vegetables with hope that it will plant a seed for postive eating habits that will last a lifetime. The programme aims to educate children about food, including where it comes from and how it impacts on their health and wellbeing. The first pilot, at Orford, has been running for more than two years now, with Jamie Oliver directly involved, showing kids how to grow plants like celery, curly kale, strawberries, broad beans and so on, and how to cook them. Children enjoy cooking and learning, and the teachers are happy too. The second pilot program at Rotherfield Primary School in Islington, North London is being built, and hopefully, more will come.

I’ve always believed that children should know as much as you can teach them about food, and I am convinced that each parent should teach them a bit. The younger kids are when they learn, the better. My only little boy, only three and a half years of age, learns now about gardening, and helps along every time he has the chance. And he enjoys fresh foods because he sees them growing.

Little Paul-Jules, learning about fresh salads.