New Dip by Hidden Valley Ranch

Hidden Valley for Everything ToppingHidden Valley® Ranch has recently introduced a new dip&topping, suggestively called Hidden Valley® for Everything Topping & Dip. Although advertised as “The New Ketchup”, the product is not made of tomatoes. It is, however, mimicking the traditional American salad-dressing taste, with a creamier, thicker texture. The purpose was to target a wider niche of consumers, who put salad dressing on many other types of food.

“The bottle may say salad dressing, but Americans put Hidden Valley Ranch on all types of food,” said Jon Balousek, general manager of Hidden Valley® Foods. “Now, we are creating a Hidden Valley product that is perfect for just that purpose. This thicker, creamier ranch is ideal for spreading on burgers, dipping French fries or just about any other place where people turn to ketchup and other condiments.”

According to 2011 research from NPD, more than 30 percent of Hidden Valley Ranch use is outside of salads, with chicken, potatoes (including French fries), pizza and sandwiches. The new Hidden Valley for Everything line tastes just like the Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® salad dressing and Salsa Ranch combined.

The suggested retail price for the new dressings is $4.39 for the 20 oz. size and $3.19 for the 12 oz. variety. It will be available in spring 2012 at retailers in the USA.