Fusion Mom Book: Garden Super Hero Tales

A child explores a magical world, where veggies talk, and tell unbelievable stories. “Garden Super Hero Tales” reveals where veggies came from, what adventures they had along the way, and how they can transform any child into a super hero.

Garden Super Hero Tales” inspires children to eat healthier, and to enjoy vegetables, by telling 10 beautiful stories, which narrate adventures of vegetable greats from the garden.

Garden Super Hero Tales

The stories are illustrated with photographs and 20 beautiful coloring pages, and followed by authentic vegan and vegetarian recipes, to inspire healthy eating habits for the entire family.

“Garden Super Hero Tales” is the first volume in a series of 10 that will set the stage for 100 different veggies, herbs and fruit, to show their true super powers for a healthy diet. The books are inspired by the author’s own son, Paul-Jules, who is the main hero of the stories. The reader joins the little boy as he explores the magical world of the veggies, who traveled around the world, and have many beautiful memories to share. Smaller children can still follow Paul-Jules’s journey, through images by photographer Mihai Petre, and beautiful illustrations by Patricia Revita.