Food Safety in Grocery Stores

Did you know that in 2010, an E Coli breakout was traced to cheese samples at Costco? According to data provided in an infographic by Grocery Coupon Network, the outbreak was caused by customers who didn’t wash their hands before tasting the cheese. To stay on the safe side, say no to food samples in the future, and beware of other hidden bacteria havens that lure in the most unexpected corners of your grocery shop.

Apparently, food carts may contain traces of fecales (baby poop); and the conveyor belts are considered non-food surfaces, and are not subject to sanitary inspections. Some may have traces of mold, and dangerous bacteria and germs, therefore you should never let unbagged produce touch them.

Reusable bags are dirty too: you should always be careful to wash them, and don’t use them to transport non-food items. Be careful to separate your meats and veggies too.

Grocery Coupon Network also recommends that you swab your cart handle with a wipe, and if the shop doesn’t offer complimentary wipes, carry your own. Use hand sanitizer for yourself, and for your children. For other interesting statistics, and useful advice on food safety, refer to the following infographic.

Hidden Germs and The Side of the Grocery Store You Don’t See