Food Safety in Grocery Stores

Did you know that in 2010, an E Coli breakout was traced to cheese samples at Costco? According to data provided in an infographic by Grocery Coupon Network, the outbreak was caused by customers who didn’t wash their hands before tasting the cheese. To stay on the safe side, say no to food samples in […]

10 Rookie Cooking Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

The worst cooking mistake in my book is not to taste as you go. This is disastrous for many recipes that require seasoning with herbs, and can ruin dishes when you add too much salt, too many times. Another common mistake is overcrowding the pan, especially when you are in a hurry to finish a […]

Inspiration for Moms: Jamie’s Kitchen Garden Project

Jamie Oliver has always been an inspiration, for many reasons, among them, his passion for good, healthy, homemade food. Some of his projects are aimed at kids – the man is genuinely interested to see them eating better. And while in the USA Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution was met with resistance, his quest to improve […]

Albanian Cuisine – Fusion Before Fusion

For those of you out there a bit confused over exactly what fusion cooking is, a look at Albanian cuisine should shed some light. Long before molecular or other modern cooking disciplines were on the tip of anyone’s tongue, people in kitchens around the world set a variety of culinary wonders on their tables. In […]