Pasta Tricolore with Stinging Nettles

There’s no other better time to cook this recipe, than Spring. The other day, we went exploring the vineyards in our region, and I took the opportunity to pick up some stinging nettles. My first recipe was nettles with polenta, an old traditional recipe in Romania. Yesterday evening, however, I decided to deviate from Romanian […]

Henglein Knöpfle Eierspätzle Review

I told you once, I am a sucker for products that save me time, and taste as good, or nearly as good as home-made. Now that we established report, let me introduce you to my first review: Henglein Knöpfle Eierspätzle. They cost about $4.39 at – way cheaper in stores in Germany. This is, […]

Salmon with Enokitake and Eierspätzle

Eierspätzle (egg noodles) are a traditional Swabian pasta specialty, very easy to make, tasty and filling. Generally, fresh pasta available on the market is as good as homemade, so I usually prefer to buy it as such, mainly because it saves me a great deal of time. The most important ingredient of this dish, however, […]