Comfort Food Saturday: Schnitzel Heaven

My wife, the Fusion Mom, has been keeping me on a strict diet the last two years. Since fats, cigars, beer, and stress nearly got the best of me, she and I have been dedicated to eating better. But. No diet really works very well without a hint of comfort now and then. So, once […]

Albanian Cuisine – Fusion Before Fusion

For those of you out there a bit confused over exactly what fusion cooking is, a look at Albanian cuisine should shed some light. Long before molecular or other modern cooking disciplines were on the tip of anyone’s tongue, people in kitchens around the world set a variety of culinary wonders on their tables. In […]

Fusion Science: Sang-hoon Degeimbre

More often than not, for great ideas to spice up your own culinary offerings, turning to the experts not only saves time, but in the end gives us all a better understanding of the art of preparing food. Fusion, being first and foremost about new gastronomic experiences, combinations, and newness, has its own set of […]