Fusion Mom’s Confessions

about your Fusion Mom

Fusion Mom reveals a bit about herself...

For starters, I am not an English native. That being said, the only language I am fluent in is… what you taste. These little things so many people take for granted, are all my creations: time and error went into each original Fusion Mom formula you will find here, and each one you read about is carefully “hand-picked” to ensure that you get the tastiest formulas for your palate.

This is my own little garden, you see in front and behind me. I grow my own herbs (spices), I take pride in using only the freshest ingredients to prepare simple food for my family. My husband suffered a major heart attack in 2010, that changed our lives, and the way we think about food. What I cook today is healthier, tastier, and fit for almost any diet you have in mind.

I may not be nice or diplomatic in some of my reviews, but that’s just me. As you well know, food is a subjective matter. However, please remember this: I ‘ve been cooking since I was 8… grandma was kind enough to teach me… Although I will always be learning, I master the basics like no one else I know.